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Be Renaissance

Do you remember the Renaissance people? Of course, you haven't seen them. But everyone can read about anyone from that great time.
Those people were always like lodestar for me. They could be genius musicians, mathematicians, artists etc. One person, two hands, brains... and a lot of things, that we can see and use even in XXI century...
So I'm taking any material and technology and making something, that I want or need. And always include my soul in every thing.

I want to bring some luck to other people, that's why I make a lot of things for them...

Виды работ

wire work, бижутерия, бисероплетение, валяние, вышивка, вязание крючком, спицами, на вилке, декупаж, живопись, квиллинг, ковроделие, кружевоплетение на коклюшках, фриволите и не только, куклы и игрушки, лепка, макраме, оригами, папье-маше, пластика, работа с кожей и мехом, ткачество, фотография, анкарс, художественная резьба по дереву, камню, графика, музыкальные инструменты, моделирование, канзаши, скульптура, переплетное дело, гальванопластика